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Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation

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A Sustainable Growth Strategy

Online success doesn’t happen overnight or by accident! 

Even if your website is built on the foundations of good on-page SEO, in an ever-changing online environment, consistent effort is generally required to rise to the top. 

But what is SEO? 

Put simply, SEO is a combination of features and strategies used to increase a website’s traffic. Google (and other search engines like Bing), favour websites with a high number of ENGAGED visitors – and generally rank these websites higher in the search results! The goal is to improve your E.E.A.T score – hungry to learn more? 

What is E.E.A.T?

E - Expertise

Achieved by demonstrating a deep understanding of your niche with content accuracy and credentials, and by referencing reputable sources and studies.

E - Experience

Achieved by showing Google that your content is created by people with direct, first-hand experience in your niche.

A - Authoritativeness

Achieved by consistently publishing high-quality content to attract external coverage and mentions by reputable sites - this helps grow your industry reputation.

T - Trustworthiness

Achieved by being transparent, providing clear contact information, maintaining a positive reputation and following ethical content practices.

Core SEO Strategies

On-page SEO

On-page SEO services start with understanding what people are looking for in your industry and what the ideal keywords are to reach that audience. I use different ‘white hat’ strategies to optimise your site, including the appropriate use of keywords in content, titles, tags, categories, meta and URLs. Technical SEO also helps to keep your pages fresh and user friendly.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO involves any action taken off/outside of your own website that helps to increase your own websites visibility. This includes getting links from other websites to your website via guest posting, building quality citations (or business listings) and exposing your website to different platforms including social media.

Local SEO

My approach to local SEO is tailored to the specific needs of each business with a particular focus on ensuring people in your local geographic area can find and connect with you. Different search engines require different strategies to achieve optimisation. For example, when optimising for Google, I implement a strategy that includes optimising Google My Business listings, creating high-quality local content and ensuring your business appears in Google Maps.

Content Marketing

Quality content is essential for establishing your E.E.A.T. (Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness) in your industry. My content marketing approach involves creating and promoting high quality long-form content like blog articles and short form content such as infographics and social media posts. Importantly, my strategy isn't about managing your social platforms. I create and promote the content while you engage and interact with your audience. Interaction with your audience is a great way to build trust and establish long-term relationships with customers.

Ongoing SEO Packages

IMPORTANT: You will receive a personalised strategy based on how I believe I can best serve you. The below packages represent an example of what you can expect in a typical month.


Keep your customers & readership engaged with regular monthly updates
$ 449 per month
  • 1 x SEO article written & posted (includes min. 2 stock images)
  • 2 x business citation listing (e.g. Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.)
  • 4 x social media posts (on min. 2 platforms per post)
  • 1 x newsletter / marketing email to email list
  • 20 min strategy session
  • SEO tweaks *
  • Up to 20 keywords tracked
  • Monthly report


Experience stable business growth & connect with your audience
$ 899 per month
  • 1 x SEO article written & posted (includes min. 2 stock images)
  • 1 x guest post to improve backlinks & authority
  • 2 x business citation listings or white-hat backlinks
  • 8 x social media posts (on min. 2 platforms per post)
  • 1 x newsletter / marketing email to email list
  • 40 min strategy session
  • SEO tweaks *
  • Up to 20 keywords tracked
  • Monthly report


Propel your business forward with a comprehensive growth strategy
$ 1,799 per month
  • 3 x SEO articles written & posted (includes min. 2 stock images)
  • 1 x guest post to improve backlinks & authority
  • 2 x business citation listings or white-hat backlinks
  • 8 x social media posts (on min. 2 platforms per post)
  • 2 x newsletter / marketing emails to email list
  • 40 min strategy session
  • SEO tweaks *
  • Up to 20 keywords tracked
  • Monthly report

* includes a range of tasks such as: checking URLs, keyword research optimised title tags and meta descriptions, check pages for internal links, check calls-to-action (CTAs), check opportunities for external linking, optimise images through descriptive alt text.

Ongoing SEO FAQs

The Synergy Creative Co. website design approach ensures that all of our websites are built on the foundations of good technical and on-page SEO.

My ongoing SEO strategy is a comprehensive approach all about taking your business to the next level. It combines on-page and off-page SEO with a focus on keywords, content and links to connect your ideal customers with valuable content, and build trust.

As a comprehensive strategy, it comes at a higher price. However, it is a strategy that is designed to stand the test of time. Unlike paid ads, the content you receive with ongoing SEO is evergreen and will likely receive thousands of views over the life of your business, helping to grow your organic online audience. 

If you’re serious about long-term growth online, ongoing SEO is a must. 

‘Black hat’ and ‘White hat’ are two SEO industry terms commonly thrown around. Whilst ‘black hat’ SEO can often deliver quick wins for your results in search engines, the long-term impact on Google’s search results can be very damaging (i.e. Google may penalise your site).

It’s important that you realise that Search Engine Optimisation is a longer-term marketing strategy. Yes there may be some quick wins, but you shouldn’t expect results overnight. Results come to those willing to work/invest time and money. 

Depending on your online business needs, our white hat methods include using the following SEO methods:

  • Ongoing and in-depth keyword research,
  • Generating quality, engaging content (e.g. blog articles) that showcase your expertise and provide value to your customers,
  • Share and promote your business by posting content on different platforms (website, social media, etc.),
  • Increasing exposure with citations (directory listings). 

The ultimate goal of an SEO campaign is to reach the first page of Google, and preferably, within the top 5 organic results. The time it takes to do this depends on different factors, like how competitive your niche is. 

Unlike paid Google ads which will put your website at the top of google search results, organic traffic takes time. However, it’s a ongoing investment that helps to build domain authority and trust in the market, which search engines will reward in time by ranking your website higher. In some niches, results can be as quick as three months. And in more competitive markets, this is likely to take 12-24 months.

The key to long-lasting results is to implement a quality SEO strategy. This is why we use ‘white hat’ SEO. This ensures your website receives good quality organic traffic now and well into the future. 

Any SEO company that guarantees that your site will rank on the first page of Google isn’t being transparent with you. The reason we say this is because Google doesn’t share the complete in’s-and-out’s of their algorithm. So, if someone is insistent they can get you to the top of the search results, consider whether they are the right fit for your business. 

Despite not being able to give you a 100% guarantee of that top position in Google, we are committed to doing the best job that we can for your business, at an affordable price. Before accepting any new client, we need to feel confident that we can deliver results. We conduct a thorough website audit, in-depth keyword research, and competitor analysis to do this. We use this information to put together a campaign we believe will most likely achieve the SEO results you’re looking for. If we’re concerned about delivering you your desired result, you’ll be the first to know!

While we don’t HAVE to post your articles straight away, we have strategically designed our ongoing SEO marketing packages to regularly deliver content to your potential customers. As we’ve also previously mentioned, it does take time for Google to start ranking your content. Therefore the sooner we can put it out on the web the better. 

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