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Website Design:
Fencing North QLD

Fencing North QLD is a lead generation website. What does that mean? It means Synergy Creative Co generates the leads for you so that you can focus on growth & making more money!

The Design Brief

Develop and design a website that attracts the target audience (residential homeowners seeking fencing services) and encourages them to commence their buying journey.

The Solution

My solution included the following services:

  • WordPress Website Development
  • WordPress Website Design
  • On-page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Copy Creation
  • Astra Theme + Elementor Page Builder
  • Website Hosting & Maintenance
  • DNS Management

As a part of my WordPress website design, I adopted the use of the Elementor page builder. This is one of my most used website tools. The design interface is intuitive and easy to use for most applications, making it a great choice for clients who may in future, wish to add new content to their website without the assistance of a website developer. 

Lead Generation

Do you have the capacity for more clients, but don’t have the time or energy to market your business?

Lead generation is a marketing strategy where an agency, like Synergy Creative Co, helps to bring quality clients to you. I achieve this by attracting your target audience, engendering their trust in you by demonstrating your authority, credibility and expertise, and encouraging them to commence their buying journey. 

Lead Generation is FOR you if you answer YES to any of the following. Are you...

  • Tired of wasting hours driving around providing quotes to time-wasters who are only shopping around?
  • Frustrated with losing jobs to industry cowboys who constantly undercut you?
  • Constantly wondering how and where you will get your next lead from?
  • Wanting to grow and expand your business, but know nothing about digital marketing?
  • An honest business person who honours their word and puts clients first?

Lead Generation is NOT FOR you if you are...

  • At full capacity and unable to take on additional work.
  • Not willing to spend money to make money. 
  • Expecting Synergy Creative Co to close your deals for you.

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