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8 Benefits of Displaying Customer Reviews on Your Website

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If you’ve got a love-hate relationship with reviews, you’re not the only one. 

As customers, we love reading reviews before making a purchase. Yet, we’re a little lazy in leaving reviews, especially when we’ve had the experience we “expected.” It seems we’re more eager to leave a review if someone has blown our mind in a good way or…really messed things up…

Embrace the truth: customer reviews are a potent force that can significantly boost conversions in your business. They put the power in your hands to shape your online reputation. 

Why, you ask?

Why you should care about customer reviews

1. Build Trust & Credibility

Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers provide social proof and help lead the herd of new customers. 

Where you have genuine feedback showcasing the quality and reliability of your products or services, new customers will be more likely to trust you.

2. Boost Conversion Rates

Customer reviews often address common questions or concerns people have. They can persuade visitors to act by reducing their hesitation about whether your products or services suit them.

3. Enhance SEO

Fresh, user-generated content, like reviews, can improve your website’s search engine ranking. Customers naturally use keywords in their testimonials, helping to communicate your trustworthiness and expertise to Google. 

4. Provide Valuable Feedback

Knowing what your clients liked best (or didn’t like) about your products and services is invaluable – you can only fix what you know. But also, you want to continue offering something people value.

5. Increase Engagement

By featuring customer experiences, you help create a sense of community, encouraging more interaction with your brand or business. 

You can further enhance engagement by replying to reviews. When you reply, acknowledge the positive or negative feedback and show that you value customer feedback; this not only encourages more reviews but also demonstrates your commitment to providing excellent customer service. 

6. Showcase Authenticity

Real-life experiences are more relatable and trustworthy than direct marketing – I can tell you how good I am. Still, you’d rather hear it directly from my client.  

7. Differentiate Your Business

The number of reviews, especially positive ones, might set you apart from a competitor. I’m sure we’ve all looked at the number of reviews and ratings for businesses – especially when choosing a place to take friends or family for dinner!

8. Allow You To Build Long-Term Relationships

Satisfied customers who share their positive experiences are more than just one-time buyers. They are the ones who will return and recommend your business to others, helping you build long-term relationships and a loyal customer base.

By leveraging these benefits, you can create a more trustworthy, engaging, and successful online presence for your business.

What is the best way to collect business service/product reviews?

Service-based Businesses

The first thing you can do to get reviews rolling in is to share a link. Google Reviews are a great way to start because they are integrated with your Google Business Profile, which can appear in Google’s SERPs and Google Maps.

From your Google Business Profile page, navigate to ‘Ask for reviews.’ This opens a pop-up window where you can copy your direct review link and paste it into an email to send to a customer. 

Another great thing you can do is paste your review link permanently into your email signature – this can prompt people to leave even the simplest of reviews about an email interaction with you (not necessarily a full service or product purchase). 

Ecommerce Businesses

Google Reviews also work well for ecommerce businesses. However, the process for getting them is different. Reviews are usually less manual because they are generally automated via emails post-purchase.

Key Takeaways

When is the best time to start collecting reviews?

The answer…yesterday.

If you can consistently deliver a high-quality service or product, people will not only be willing to give you a review, but they’ll also spread the word for being so darn impressed with you. 

And if you want to secure your business’s future, reviews are a no-brainer. Statistics show over 90% of customers read reviews before buying a product or service. 

The more reviews you get, the better you’ll understand what your customers like about your business. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can even read your top competitors’ reviews to find hidden opportunities to up-level your service.




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